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Les vignettes de la semaine

Voici le lot de vignettes publiées sur les réseaux sociaux cette semaine.

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Le Porto en anglais - 3e partie

Voici la dernière partie du récit de mes amis australiens Allan & Jill. Excellente révision du vocabulaire de la vigne et de la vinification.



The wine is matured for a year before being shipped down to Porto (traditionally in shallow drafted boats called Rabelos that were rowed/steered down the undammed river) where it undergoes a slow concentration process in oak barrels of various sizes depending on the maturing quality of the wine.  Just like cheese, each vat of port will mature differently and the experts try to pick whether it will keep maturing or whether it is best sold as a younger port.  There are now a number of different styles on the market which have been developed over the years and which suit different palates.  We spent several hours at the Taylors lodge in the cellars and in their museum which described port development and Taylor's history as well as associated trades and skills.  And of course there were opportunities for tasting and purchasing as well.

Photo + texte :  Allan & Jill Poynton





Le porto en anglais - 2e partie

Suite du récit de la visite de nos amis australiens dans la région de Porto.


Notez la belle récolte de "phrasal verbs" ces verbes associés à un petit mot qui en complète ou change le sens. Exemple : to get out (sortir)


Terracing, and vertical (middle right) vines
These days more vineyards are removing the terraces and creating vineyards straight up the hill if that provides the grapes with the best presentation to the sunlight.  They are able to do this by careful construction of the slopes so that rain will seep in rather than run off, but if there is excess rain then that will just flow away without causing erosion.  It is quite an achievement to match soil type with these drainage characteristics.  The normally hot a dry conditions do not produce a lot of fruit, but the flavour quality is high.  Because of the terrain and the requirements of the finished product, most of the picking is still done by hand.

Inside Taylor's lodge
The crushing is also done by human labour so that the grapes are treated carefully, however mechanical "treaders" are now being developed.  The skins are kept submerged in the grape juice again mainly by labour for about 3.5 days to extract all the colour, tannins and aromas into the wine after which time neutral alcohol is added to stop fermentation.


Textes et photos : Allan Poynton





Le Porto en anglais - 1ère partie

Des amis australiens, Jill & Allan, sont partis marcher au Portugal et en Espagne. Ils tiennent un blog, en anglais.

Je partage avec vous leur article sur le Porto, car vous y trouverez du vocabulaire du vin en situation.

Aujourd'hui, avant le vin, les paysages de vignes.


Dropping down into the Duoro valley
The vistas were spectacular, especially as we got closer to Pinhão, our point of contact with the Duoro river. On the last descent was over 500m, there were vineyards all around us and the views were spectacular. The vines were not as prolific as the ones we are used to in Australia, and as we were to find out when we got to Porto, this is one of the reasons that Port wine has the qualities we have come to know. A lot of the hills are terraced, and the slopes are such that there is only room for one row of vines or sometimes two the terrace and the tractor to pass behind them to work the land.  Some of the rows went straight up and down the hill as well, but more about that later. It really is an incredible landscape. © Allan & Jill Poynton.


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