How cheese is made - le fromage en anglais 2e partie

Vous vous souvenez que début novembre, je suis allée à Londres et que j'ai fait un "stop" chez Neal's Yard Dairy, un fromager londonien.


Dans le magasin, on m'a remis une documentation sur les fromages sélectionnés chez Neal's Yard Dairy.


Je continue à partager cette documentation avec vous. En italique et en gras, le vocabulaire intéressant à remarquer.


How cheese is made
All cheesemaking begins with the milk. The milk is poured into a container or vat, where it is gently warmed before the introduction of cultures.
A starter culture of lactic bacteria is normally added to encourage the fermentation of the milk.
A milk-clotting enzyme called rennet is gently stirred into milk. The milk soon clots to form a custard-like mass known as curd.
The curd is then cut into small pieces to begin the process of separating the liquid whey from the solid curd.
The curds and whey may be stirred or heated to varying degrees to encourage the separation.
The curds are allowed to settle and the whey is drained off. The curds may then be broken or stacked to encouarge more drainage.

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