Le Porto en anglais - 1ère partie

Des amis australiens, Jill & Allan, sont partis marcher au Portugal et en Espagne. Ils tiennent un blog, en anglais.

Je partage avec vous leur article sur le Porto, car vous y trouverez du vocabulaire du vin en situation.

Aujourd'hui, avant le vin, les paysages de vignes.


Dropping down into the Duoro valley
The vistas were spectacular, especially as we got closer to Pinhão, our point of contact with the Duoro river. On the last descent was over 500m, there were vineyards all around us and the views were spectacular. The vines were not as prolific as the ones we are used to in Australia, and as we were to find out when we got to Porto, this is one of the reasons that Port wine has the qualities we have come to know. A lot of the hills are terraced, and the slopes are such that there is only room for one row of vines or sometimes two the terrace and the tractor to pass behind them to work the land.  Some of the rows went straight up and down the hill as well, but more about that later. It really is an incredible landscape. © Allan & Jill Poynton.