Le Porto en anglais - 3e partie

Voici la dernière partie du récit de mes amis australiens Allan & Jill. Excellente révision du vocabulaire de la vigne et de la vinification.



The wine is matured for a year before being shipped down to Porto (traditionally in shallow drafted boats called Rabelos that were rowed/steered down the undammed river) where it undergoes a slow concentration process in oak barrels of various sizes depending on the maturing quality of the wine.  Just like cheese, each vat of port will mature differently and the experts try to pick whether it will keep maturing or whether it is best sold as a younger port.  There are now a number of different styles on the market which have been developed over the years and which suit different palates.  We spent several hours at the Taylors lodge in the cellars and in their museum which described port development and Taylor's history as well as associated trades and skills.  And of course there were opportunities for tasting and purchasing as well.

Photo + texte :  Allan & Jill Poynton