A could-do list for January

🎄 Bonne annĂ©e Ă  tous! Happy New Year!


🍭 Pour bien commencer l'annĂ©e, le magazine The Simple Things nous propose une "could-do list" pour le mois de janvier, sans pression. 

En voilà du vocabulaire pour nos small talks! 


☀Pour vous aider : 

- digi-break : coupure digitale

- onwards : à partir de 

- hug : cĂąlin

- to relish : savourer


🍭Things you might want to do this month (no pressure!)

  • Have a digi-break from 8pm onwards
  • Give somebody you love a big hug
  • Make looking after yourself your number one resolution
  • Spend all day in your pyjamas
  • Try cooking with a new ingredient each week
  • Relish the time to ponder new beginnings